Simple & Powered Machines Base Set 科學與技術套裝 9686



  • Age Mark: 8+
  • Brick Type: LEGO® Technic
  • Piece count: 396




The core set in our range of Simple & Powered Machines solutions. This set includes a large set of bricks and full-color building instructions for 18 main models and for 10 principle models.

Students start by learning the basic mechanical principles behind all six simple machines – and then increase their understanding by adding complex mechanisms such as gears and cams, and even a working motor.

Combine the Simple & Motorized Mechanisms Base Set with the Introducing Simple & Motorized Mechanisms Curriculum and the Advanced Powered Machines Curriculum and you’ve got all of the activities, bricks, elements and resources to build and explore real life machines & mechanisms in a hands-on, engaging way.

  • Bricks

    Includes 396 LEGO Technic elements for creating a broad range of models that cover concepts such as: forces and motion, measuring, energy and structure, all in a sturdy storage bin that includes a sorting tray.

    A motor is also included to allow students to build self-propelled machines – adding a totally new dimension of teaching opportunities to the solution.





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